Apollo's Lyre

"We all have something or someone where we reflect our first initial steps into the publishing world, perhaps something that helped launch your career or helped you pick up the pen and write your first story.

For me it was Apollo's Lyre. I made close ties with Bret Wright, cried when Patty Ferguson passed away, and most recently stressed to decide what to do. Bret informed me he had to step down due to workload and I faced a decision to shut Apollo's Lyre or continue it.

There was no way I could close it down so the past two weeks I've been working on a new site, meeting with my staff editors, and am proud to announce the relaunch of Apollo's Lyre.

Although we are a nonpaying market at the moment, we do have a large following, and our call for submissions is now open. Our first issue will be in June.

We are open for:

Poetry - editor Betty Dobson
Flash fiction 1-500 words - editor Kimberly Brown
Flash fiction 501-1000 words - editor Jim Harrington
Writing articles - editor Lea Schizas

Please go to our website (we've got a blog, too) and check out each editor's specific guidelines:


The new site is still in its infancy stage but come back often as we build our Publication Venues and other interesting links for you.

I want to thank everyone who supported us in the past and hope you continue reading us in the future".

Lea Schizas

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