Secrets Podcasts

The Secrets is a compendium of wisdom by writers for writers who are serious about their craft and the business. Written and edited by New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole, each bi-weekly issue is packed with a minimum of four pages of vital information about how to succeed with a writing career. Articles cover topics like:

* Writer's block
* Characterization
* Writing Action Scenes
* World Building
* Career Management
* The Business of Writing

The Secrets gives you the need-to-know information that will start your career off racing, or propel your career into the stratosphere. If you are serious about writing and getting published, The Secrets is something you cannot do without.

The Secrets Podcasts
are the audio companion to The Secrets newsletter. The Secrets is a serious tool for writers. It addresses problems writers have and provides solutions as well as inspiration. Though the podcasts only cover a fraction of the material available in the print version of The Secrets, they cover issues critical to writers at all levels of expertise and career.

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