Myspace is a great tool for networking and spreading the word about your writing, books and services.

It's free to open an account.

It's international.

You get to set up your profile. Add your website links, post your bio and book blurbs.

You can post photo's. Let people know what you look like. Post your book cover art. You can even set up a photo slide show.

You can leave comments on our peoples pages. Add your weblink at the end for extra promotion.

Post you reviews, updates, press releases, announcements of author events etc... to you on site blog and bulletins (which goes out to everyone on your friends list).

Post your event listings. All your 'friends' will be notified of your event.

There are also numerous book related groups you can join.

As probably the best known social networking site on the internet, it's a tool all writers should be using.


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