Eileen Leroux Interview

What made you start writing (as a career)?

Actually it was quite accidential. I've always wanted to write, but felt I didn't have the talent. So I spent most of my time reading. As many as three books a week for many years.

It was a very frustrating and angry situation which developed at home that made the jump from reading to writing. Anyone who has twins or know a set of twins might be able to relate. This happened when the twins, my daughters, were teens, arrogant, self know it all and as it happened that day very disrespectful of parental conditions and control.

They (the twins) were arguing with their parents and being very rude and nasty (yes, nasty). However, knowing better than to add my two cents to what was happening - I retreated to my room (I lived with my daughter and her family), sat at my computer and turned it on. Shortly after, my first murder scene was developed and I contributed the beginning of "Detective Colter" to the "twins." Without that moment I would never have begun to write.

I found such gratification from writing that I am now writing full time. I prefer to write short stories because todays world is so hectic and short stories offer the reader an opportuntiy to read a full story in a short period of time. During lunch break, babys nap time and so forth.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Well like most writers of fiction, inspiration comes from lifes daily experiences. Friends, family (mostly family), remember the twins? I have an ex husband who was not the nicest of people (reason he's an ex.) and the subject of a mystery into his fictional demise. Inspiration can come during a walk in the park, the beach, even a drive through the country or the breakup of a love affair. There are no limitations to where inspiration can come from.

Tell us a bit about your book 'DETECTIVE COLTER – STALKER ANTHOLOGY'.

Detective Colter deals mostly with the stalker/serial killer.

A mystery suspence thriller. The seemingly unrelated disappearances of several young, beautiful women comes to the notice of Detective Colter. When a young woman, Veronica Banes, desperately in need of help gives the police their first lead. The investigation leads them from New York City to Oregon, New Jersey and New Mexico. A country wide manhunt for a cunning, sadistic killer. The police are aided by Martin Devlin, a psychic who falls in love with Veronica and vows to protect her.

Detective Colter continues with two more thrillers:

"Stalker" Columbia University students become the target of a deranged killer. One student in particular, Dana Norton, is the target. As each attempt on her fails others must pay the price, until the near-fatal attempt on her father's life.

"Murder on an Island." A mystery of the murder of Helena Carleton for no apparent reason. Only oneperson could possibly be the suspect. Her twin sister, Sophia, returns from Greece in time for the funeral, and aids the police in their search for the killer. What they find is not just a murder, but an international ring of thieves involved in the disappearance of a priceless gold Greek coin.

"The investigation leads them from New York City to Oregon, New Jersey and New Mexico; a countrywide manhunt for a cunning, sadistic killer". How did you research the places featured in your book?

These area's of the U.S. I have traveled to, with the exception of Oregon. I've lived in New York all my life and I have done quite a bit of traveling to New Jersey and New Mexico by car, plane and train. Each form of travel gives different views into each state visited. As for Oregon I researched on the internet to get information on Portland, a city I have always wanted to visit. Research is a necessity when you write.

What's the hardest thing about writing a thriller?

That's a question I get a lot and I've yet to find it difficult. I have researched stalkers and serial killers so that I have an understanding what drives them. I have always been facinated with mysteries, suspense and thrillers and have such a large collection of ideas stored and I would only find writing my books difficult if there was a lack of inspiration and ideas.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing?

I have a website that gives you information on my book and where you can get get it in different formats. It has been published in paperback and also in ebook form, a variety of formats are available. http://fictionbooks.bravehost.com/

Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, there are many budding authors out there and I would like to offer my encouragement to them. I didn't start writing till very late in life and wish I had been able to start sooner. Don't wait to live your dreams.


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