Review: Nissitissit Witch By Rosemary Chaulk

Title: Nissitissit Witch
Author: Rosemary Chaulk

Reviewed by Denise Cassino

Nissitissit Witch takes the reader on an entertaining but troubling journey
through the early industrial age where man’s ignorance caused entire
villages to succumb to the horrifying effects of unmitigated pollution of
our earth and water.

We meet Ebb, a Civil War Veteran, Sarah, a highly intuitive and educated
woman and an Indian Chief who spin the tale of the people whose
overexposure to toxins caused the slow tormented decline of innocent
victims including both the Indian tribes living off the land and the white
settlers who simply tried to survive by working in shops, mills and factories
where various lethal chemicals permeated the air and skin of the workers.
This book is a great read, but it’s educational, too, and should be in the
school libraries of every community to teach our children not only the
history of pollution which goes backs centuries, but the real caustic results
of letting man’s ingenuity and, in many cases, greed run amuck and
destroy our planet.


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