Review: Look Before You Leap: A Premarital Guide for Couples by Sandra L Ceren

Look Before You Leap: A Premarital Guide for Couples

Sandra L. Ceren
Loving Healing Press (2008)
ISBN 9781932690750
Reviewed by Kam Aures for RebeccasReads (10/08)

“Look Before You Leap: A Premarital Guide for Couples” was “originally published as a highly recommended professional text for premarital counselors.” Now, it is an excellent resource available to couples that are planning on marriage. The book begins by taking a look at just what qualities and factors make for a good marriage. The main points are exemplified by case examples looking at the relationships of various couples. The case studies presented add a lot to the book, as it is always nice to have points expanded upon with interesting scenarios.
After the introduction, there are quizzes to take in order to better examine the couple’s compatibility. The first quiz is a “Personality Quiz” which both partners are to fill out and then to exchange with one another. Some of the questions on this quiz are “If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?” and “How do you usually respond when someone shares feelings with you?” After the quiz questions, the next chapter gives detailed insight into how you or your partner may have answered. Following this is the second quiz, which is a “Relationship Quiz.” This one contains questions such as “At times do you feel suffocated by your partner?” and “What do you quarrel about?”
I think that these quizzes will definitely provide important insights into exactly just what kind of people you and your partner are, and whether or not you will have a fulfilling relationship that will last. There are too many marriages that end in divorce and I think that if all couples were to read this book or participate in pre-marital counseling then statistics would be much improved. The book touches on many important areas that are helpful to know about your partner before you rush in to marriage.
After the quizzes are chapters discussing communication and conflict resolution, and then suggested solutions in which different scenarios are presented and ideas are given on how to handle the situations. The final two sections focus on personality disorders and the different types of people that you may meet (e.g “old souls” and “over-givers”).
If you are not yet married and are considering it, then this definitely is the book for you. You will learn a lot about your future husband or wife to be! Although I am already married, I really enjoyed this book. I always like books that have interactive elements, as I am one who learns best by doing. I think that even couples that have already taken the “leap” would benefit and learn new things about their partner if they were to sit down and go through the quizzes in the book. This action in turn may help to strengthen your existing relationship.


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