Interview with Sheila Clover English of Circle of Seven Productions (COS)

What is COS Productions?

COS Productions is multi media, multi platform marketing and promotions company.

Our main staple is book trailers, which we started creating in 2002 and trademarked the term “book trailer” in 2003.

We’ve gone on to include podcasts, distribution and other promotion services.

When was the company started?

The company started in 2002 when we made a deal with author Christine Feehan and created the book trailer for Dark Symphony. We incorporated and started creating book trailers and teasers for other authors in 2003.

What made you start the company?

I was an aspiring author myself and looking for a way to stand out. I was lucky enough to have someone in my family who was a videographer and I figured “Movie trailers promote movies, what about a book trailer for books?”

Christine Feehan was very supportive of the idea. She’s very progressive in marketing. And I was lucky enough to have Borders Group take an interest and show the videos. Of course back then there was no YouTube or MySpace so we had few distribution outlets. Of course now that is no longer the case.

What services do you offer?

We do full production book trailers and we do book teaser which are done with stock photos, footage, etc.

We do distribution of video and audio. We distribute to social media sites, the media, booksellers, libraries, reader blogs, specialty sites such as GoodReads and Reader’s Entertainment TV, etc.

We create radio ads and audio book reviews as well as other types of audio. We own COS Radio and between our 5 shows we have 30,000 listeners. Our audio products are delivered through that platform as well as iTunes and podcasts.

We do marketing strategy with clients including many publishers. We do additional promotions such as press releases, media/press kit creation, blogging, etc. But, those services are currently only open to COS clients who have had video or audio products with us.

We do that because that’s our specialty; creating strategies for multimedia promotions.

Where can people find out more about COS productions?

Our main website is But, you can also Google either Circle of Seven Productions or COS Productions and find several articles about the company from media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TVWeek and other media or blogs.

We also own COS Radio, Reader’s Entertainment TV and this year we will have a Young Reader Network site and an In Faith Network site.

Anything else you'd lke to add?

In times of difficult economy it becomes even more important that any investment in promotion have a definite return on investment of some kind. Maybe that return will be direct sales, maybe it will be branding, name recognition or some other goal.

Know what your goal is anytime you invest in any promotion.

What sets COS apart is that we are strategists that are goal-oriented. We don’t just want to give someone a video or an audio product. If those products don’t perform in a way that satisfied our customers they won’t invest again. We know that, so we look at the long term goal. We consider effectiveness, goals and return on investment in a very real-world way. That’s why so many of our clients return to us.

Here is a link to our testimonials page:


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