Interview with Eric Olsen from Blogcritics Magazine

Tell us a bit about Blogcritics Magazine? is an online magazine founded in 2002 as a means for bloggers to band together to have their pop culture reviews viewed by a wider audience. It has grown to a broad-based general interest, fully edited publication with reviews, news, opinion, and interviews generated by 3000 writers and 25 editors, attracting over 150K page views per day. It was bought in Aug, 08 by Technorati.

Why is this site useful to writers?
the site provides writers wide exposure, prestige, access to review material, writing coaching, community, an author page, and google juice to their home sites

In your books section you post book reviews, who reviews these books?

a large number of our writers review books, headed up by Books Editors Gordon Hauptfleish and Natalie Bennett

How can authors get their books reviewed for the site?

send a description via email to me

What other features can be found on site?

we cover film, TV, music, books, gaming, culture and the arts, tech, Internet, politics, sports, business - just about everything! We publish about 40 articles per day. All of our stories are in magazine/newspaper form, with a self-contained beginning, middle, and end. We link out to sources like any blog, but we ask that articles not require clicking on links in order to understand the gist of the story. All stories are fully edited prior to publication.

We emphasize writer development and have had a large number of our writers gain professional writing/editing positions via their work with BC. We also have a very vigorous (and moderated) comments section, are a genuine, active online community of writers, editors, commentors, and readers

Anything else you'd like to add?
I appreciate the opportunity and welcome new writers and readers!


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