Rosemary Chaulk Interview

Your latest book is Nissitissit Witch. How did your past as a land survey help you in writing this book?
There is a place in town that is haunted and feared by the locals. I have known about it for many years. I have done some land surveys in the spot and always had trouble with the area. Three years ago I did a land survey there and got Lyme disease. Yet after all this last year I was consumed with a story that once started I could not stop. I was possessed and compelled to research and write about the Nissitissit Witch.

How did you go about researching for it?

My research came from decades of newspaper articles written about the area. Almost all my characters were based on actual occurrences reported in the newspaper. Many other details came from historical accounts written in the early nineteen hundreds. Heavy metal poisoning and other details came from on line research

I read on your website that the Nissitissit Witch has been a challenge on many levels, please tell us more.
I experience what seemed to be a struggle between opposing forces. My head was filled with a story dying to be told but at every step there were complications that stalled progress and even put the book in jeopardy as to whether it would be finishes. One force was feeding me the story and wanted it told. The other force was trying to stop the book.

What made you choose Author House to publish your book?
I chose Authorhouse as I had experience with them and wanted the book available before Halloween.

You’ve done several radio interviews to promote your book, how do you prepare for them?
I make sure I am rested a relaxed. I keep a copy of the book handy. The most important thing I do is to try and immediately read the host and match my output to them. If the host is laid back then I match the mood. If the host is high energy then I knick it up a notch. The important thing is to mesh smoothly with the host. Once synced with the host the information will flow.

There are some powerful images used in your video trailer for Nissitissit Witch, did you design the video yourself or have it made for you?
• Ginger Simpson did the trailer
She is also an author and did the trailer based on the images I had in mind.

Where can people find out more about you and your book?

They can check out my website They can also google the book and read some sample pages. The book can be ordered at Amazon and other on line bookstores

Anything else you’d like to add?
The book is more than a story about a witch and is like an onion with may layers. Some of the layers are bigotry, backwards locals, evil ministers, environmental pollution, greed and insanity, just to mention a few. It is a must read


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