Interview with Joni Snowden from A Novel Place

What is a Novel Place ?

It’s an opportunity to work with companies/people and projects of my choosing. With A Novel Space, I provide author assistance to writers, as well as, administrative assistance to small businesses & entrepreneurs.

What made you start the company? And how long have you been in business?

After 16 years as a HR Administrative Assistant and 2nd executive assistant to the company president, I realized I’d gone as far as I could with the job. I needed a change, so I took matters into my own hands and now I am in charge. I’ve been in business since August 2007.

What problems have you encountered?

I would say the main problem has been marketing author services of A Novel Space to writers. New writers do not realize the complexities of publishing their manuscript. If they are self-publishing, the main hurtle is getting them past the costs of self-publishing. Once done, things go much smoother. A writer who previously has published, understands the process, and is open to working with an author’s assistant.

What services do you offer to writers?

A few of the services I can provide include:

Manuscript Creation

Self Publishing

Book Marketing

Fact Checking

Coordinate Testimonials

Virtual Book Launch/Tour

Publisher Research

Review Final/Printer Proofs

Promotional Activities

Prepare manuscript to publishers requirements

Register Copyright

Get listed on Amazo

Why do you think a Virtual Assistant is useful for writers to have?

A trained author’s assistant handles various aspects of the book publishing process, from the actual publishing (i.e. coordinating the printing and distribution process) to the marketing of the book (i.e. arranging a virtual book launch, tracking book sales). This leaves the writer free to concentrate on writing and talking about their book once the marketing begins.

How does you past working experience help you offer better service to your clients?

My background in the entertainment industry as an executive & administrative assistant gives me the experience needed to handle the typical assistant duties (i.e. travel arrangements, phone calls, writing correspondence regarding book promotions). The additional author’s assistant training enhances this knowledge.

How can people find out more about you and the services you offer?

They can check out my website: They can find out more about me and the author services provided. They can also send an email to and I’ll be glad to answer any additional questions.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Just for writers to realize they don’t have to go it alone in the publishing business. An author assistant VA has the knowledge and is willing to help ease the way. Just give it a try.


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