Interview with Elizabeth Burton of Zumaya Publications

How long has Zumaya Publications been in business?
Zumaya Publications was established in 1999 in Canada. In 2006, we moved business operations to Austin TX and incorporated.

What genres do you accept?
Zumaya, by way of its imprints, publishes all genres except erotica. At the present time, we're closed to submissions in everything except GLBT for Boundless and middle grade/YA for our newest addition, Thresholds.

What formats do you publish?

We publish in trade paperback and ebook.

How many titles do you publish each year?

Between 20 and 30, although closer to 20 if it can be managed. At the moment, we're doing new editions of some of our back list titles as new series books are released, so that tends to make the actual number slightly higher.

Why should authors pick Zumaya Publications?
We endeavor to be as author-friendly as possible without jeopardizing our ability to stay in business. We treat our people like professionals, but we also expect the same in return. Those who aren't prepared to be the major contributor to the marketing and promotion of their book need not apply.

Where can people find out more about Zumaya Publications and your services?
We have no "services." We publish books, the same way any other publisher does. And the best way to find out what we do is to read some of what we've published, then do as one would for any other prospective publisher: research.

Anything else you'd like to add?

First, that there are sometimes those who seem to think that because we are an inventory-free publisher, that we are like or some of the other companies that offer publishing services. We aren't.

Second, our submission guidelines are available on our website, as is the proper email address to which queries are to be sent. Those sent to any other address will be ignored, which I know sounds harsh. However, I have to have some way of keeping things organized or nothing would get done. Unlike my cats, I don't have staff.


  1. Wonderful interview, Elizabeth. Good to hear you're doing well. You sound swamped tho.


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