Interview with Monique Terrell of Sparkle Professional Office Services LLC

what is Sparkle Professional Office Services, LLC?
Sparkle is a Virtual Assistant Company that specializes in eLearning & Training, Social Media & Network Marketing and Media Services. We work with Coaches, Authors, Speakers & Trainers.

what made you start the company?
I wanted the flexibility to determine when I work, how I work and who I work with. I wanted to enjoy myself everyday and work with in the two areas I enjoy most, people and technology.

What is a Virtual Marketing Assistant?
As a VMA we work with our clients who need web/virtual marketing assistance. From setting up a Facebook profile to managing a Ning Community we help with almost all things web marketing.

What is an academic Virtual Assistant?

This specialization is an area where we have worked with educators to assist them in a manner that the traditional teaching assistant would. We assist with syllabus updates, online course site management and updates and reseach assistance.

Are your services available to international clients or only US?
Our services are available both International and US.

You will soon be offering virtual tours to clients, how important do you think is it for authors to tour?
I believe it's very important for the Author to host a virtual tour especially if they are looking to reach a broad audience that may not otherwise have had the opportunity to hear about their book. Also, it can save on money and time vs the traditional tour approach. Not that you abandon one for the other but I certainly think an Author has nothing to lose but everything to gain by going on a VBT.

Where can people find out more about your services?
They can visit our website at

Anything else to add?

We are looking for bloggers and authors who are coaches to be apart of our first VBT. If your interested please contact me at


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