Christmas Wish List: A Guide to Weddings in Italy

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Title: A Guide to Weddings in Italy
Author: Jo Linsdell
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Roma, the Eternal City, is one of the most important Capitals of the world and centre of the Catholic religion. Roma is a cosmopolitan and dynamic City, appealing thanks to its monuments that make you re-live the splendours of the Roman Empire with its monumental churches and its historical palaces rich in extraordinary works of art like many masterpieces by the great Michelangelo…
…just imagine how great the wedding photo’s will be!


Types of weddings
In Italy it is possible to have a valid civil wedding, religious wedding, symbolic ceremony or a simple blessing. The Civil Ceremony takes place inside the town hall or in specific locations.
The Catholic wedding ceremony is always performed in a church.

In the Protestant and Anglican ceremonies the wedding rite can be performed in a church as well as in a Palace, Castle, Villa, or Garden.

The Symbolic Ceremony can take place in a Palace, Castle, Villa, or Garden.

A Blessing takes place in a church or in a Palace, Castle, Villa, or Garden.
In the case of legal weddings, it is necessary to present documents to the local authorities, the documentation necessary varies according to the nationality of the bride and groom and the type of ceremony requested.

Italy has long been a popular and romantic destination for foreign couples and this trend continues to grow. Italy is a little trickier for weddings in terms of regulations that some other destinations, though, so it’s good to start planning early. Rome is a popular destination for Church marriages abroad. People go away for many reasons, perhaps to keep everything small and simple, or because of a recent wedding in the family, or possibly because this is what the bride and groom really want. Rome is a great city for a’ll have wonderful wedding photos!

Many couples choose to go through a wedding coordinator to handle the paperwork (especially if they don’t speak Italian). Some of the larger hotels have on-staff wedding coordinators; there are also independent coordinators you can hire to assist in the process.

From the magnificence of Rome and Florence to the ethereal beauty of Tuscany or the indescribable magic of Venice, Italy has romance enough to share with all who visit.


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