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Title: Angus Grady
Cheryl Pillsbury
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In the early thirteenth century; Sir Charles disobeyed the Elders and fathered a son, named him Edward. He was the thirteenth son, as such, it was forbidden for him to have a child. He pleaded with the Elders and they agreed on the condition, that his son was raised according to their laws. Only then would they allow the child to live.

Sir Charles tried to honor his pledge, but failed. At the age of twelve, Sir Edward learned of the darkness dwelling within him. He became the Warlock everyone feared. One night; Sir Edward slaughtered his family and went on a rampage killing people at random.

At the age of twenty-one; he took a virgin bride. With the help of his evil partner; Logan Wylde and black magic, Lady Katherine willingly conceived a son which the Elders forbid. Sir Edward’s wife died in childbirth. Sir Edward named him Angus Joshua Grady; a thirteen son of a thirteen son. The warlock took his son and offered him to the dark side, but an Elder intervened and took the new born. It was believed that the villagers had killed Sir Edward, but in reality, it was Duncan Wyatt, the Elder, disposed of Sir Edward before the villagers arrived burning all evidence of the evil that had taken place.

Duncan and his wife Sarah raised Angus as their own son, under the watchful eye of the Elders and the light to guide them. Over the centuries Duncan kept his son’s destiny a secret, if Angus knew, what he was capable of, and the powers that dwelled within him, it could result in the destruction of everything known to man.

Many centuries have passed, it’s now 2156, the unthinkable has occurred resulting in mass devastation; leaving many islands inhabited with humans, and various life-forms.

Duncan Wyatt, founder of Allard Island ; the main Island , governs the people with the help of his Enforcers. Angus, with his close friend Nigel Gargan and Rick Thaxter; a vampire, help keep the peace and enforce the laws of their world. The Enforcers maintain the peace between all the Islands and its people; all the while keeping Angus’ destiny a secret.

Duncan and Angus share a very close father and son bond. This bond is what protects Angus and helps to keep him safe. Nigel and Rick, his closest friends help also to protect him and keep him safe.

Each story is a day-to-day account of Angus’ life and adventures. Each one you will learn more of his past, his powers and the physical changes he endures and what they mean to him and his world.

The first adventure gave you an introduction of who and what he is, a touch, now read and learn more detailed developments of him and his world; his very existence.


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