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Abbadon: Book Two of the Angelic Chronicles by Marion Webb

Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation (November 26, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1425798659
ISBN-13: 978-1425798659

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Seriel entered the palace and walked through the square reception area. He came to the archway that opened onto the spacious room and passed through it. Samael was seated in his jasper chair and Lilith was with him. She was sitting on the first archangel’s lap with her arms encircled around his neck and her head resting against his chest. Most of her body was blanketed by Samael’s enfolding wings. The scene was one of peace and loving companionship and, if one of the participants had not been a demon, Seriel might well have perceived it as enchanting. He stood in front of the two oddly matched cohorts and stated:
“I am here to discuss your unconscionable treatment of the angels who departed from Abbadon. But first tell that demon to leave us because I find her presence most disturbing.”
“Perhaps it is her likeness to Malkura that troubles you?” Samael beamed down at Lilith and she returned his smile.
“No, it is because she is a demon. Archangelic matters are not the concern of soulless beings.” Seriel looked directly at Lilith and demanded, “Leave us, demon!”
The first archangel opened his wings and sighed. “Do as my brother directs, sweet Lilith. He is in a belligerent mood and I am feeling too contented to argue with him.”
The lilin slowly stepped down from the archangel’s lap and stood beside Seriel. She looked up at him demurely and sank into a deep curtsey. Then, as she straightened up, Lilith offered, “You judge me harshly, Lord Seriel. I do not attack angels or drink their essence. I bring pleasure to your brother in his exile.” She moved close to the seventh archangel and took hold of his left hand. “I could also bring much delight to you, too, my lord.” All sign of coyness was gone as she lifted his hand to her face and began to caress her cheek with it.
An expression akin to horror appeared on Seriel’s face as he tried to free himself from her grasp. However, Lilith held on tightly and brought his hand close to her mouth. She smiled at Seriel, turned his hand over and licked the open palm. A raucous thought-laugh escaped from Samael as the seventh archangel shuddered and finally managed to pull his hand away from the lilin. He exclaimed:
“If you touch me, again, I will strike you with my crystal wand. Leave us!”
Lilith turned to Samael and pouted her lips. She asked, “Must I leave, my prince? I do so enjoy watching the rivalry that exists between you both.”
The first archangel stood up from his chair and, offering the lilin his arm, he escorted her to the archway. “There will be little rivalry on this occasion, sweet Lilith. My brother cannot change what I have decreed. Wait for me in my resting chamber, and then I shall tell you further tales of the games we archangels used to play when we were first birthed.”
“I shall await your return, my prince.” Lilith stretched up as Samael inclined his head down toward her. She kissed his cheek and turned to look at the Lord of Sorcery while suggesting:
“Give thought to my offer, Lord Seriel. I am certain your brother would be willing to share me with you.”
“You are a little rascal, Lilith!” The first-born archangel placed his hands around her waist and gently pushed her in the direction of the reception area. “Now do my bidding.”
The lilin disappeared from view and, as Samael walked back to his brother, Seriel asked:
“How can you allow that demon to be with you in your home?”
“She relieves my boredom. Life in Abbadon can be tedious and lonely. Surely you have found it to be so?”
“Yes, there are occasions when I regret losing the company of our siblings, but I do not seek solace in the same manner as you do.”
The Lord of Lightning-Swiftness sat down in his jasper chair and leaned back against the cushions. “Do you wish to be seated? I can tell Semyaza to bring a chair from another room.”
“No, I prefer to remain standing.” Seriel moved to a position in front of his brother and persisted, “Pray tell me how you can give your affection to a creature that has no soul. I cannot understand such behaviour. Surely you do not love Lilith?”
“Of course I do not. There is only one who has captured my love, but until she comes to me I must find comfort wherever I can. The lilin lies down with me when the resting phase is near, and then I dream of Malkura. Those dreaming thoughts ease my troubled memories.” Samael looked down at the emerald gemstone on his right forefinger and wistfully added, “Do you remember her beautiful eyes? A soul can become lost in their green depths.”
Seriel nodded his agreement, but then queried, “And while you are sleeping what does the lilin do? Without a soul a demon has no need for resting. Does she wander around your home or does she keep company with the other demons?”
“Unless I have opened the doors prior to resting, she cannot leave the palace.” Samael looked thoughtful. “Sometimes she visits Lamassu, but on other occasions I have no notion of what Lilith does during the resting phase. It is not something that has concerned me.” He arched his eyebrows and added, “Perchance she just stays next to me and admires my archangelic beauty. Usually, when I rouse from sleep, she is either on the lapis bed or close by.”
“Have you never considered the possibility of her attacking you while you sleep? Demons have an insatiable lust for essence.”
The first archangel shook his head in disbelief. “Dear Seriel, what is this obsession with perceived danger? Are you becoming another Gabriel? I do not wish to be reminded of our fourth-born brother’s constant warnings and cautions. Cease this foolishness! It is most distracting.”
“Well, I trust you keep your light wand close by when you are sleeping?”
“I do so worry no more.” He stared off into the distance as though caught up in some pleasant thought. “And once I find a way to bring Malkura here, I shall send Lilith back to the demons. Then your fears will be ended.”
“Our sister will never come to Abbadon. If you wish to be with her you would have to return to her which, I believe, is now possible. And that brings me back to my reason for coming here. How could you subject those angels to such diabolic torment as being assaulted by the demons?”
“They departed without my knowledge and permission.”
“And if you had known of their intention, would you have given your consent?”
“No, I am the Lord of Abbadon and will not allow anyone’s departure.”
Attempting a different approach Seriel remarked, “I thought you loathed essence imbibing as much as I do.”
“Previously I did find it to be most unsavoury, but I needed a punishment that would deter any other angels from leaving me.”
“And now you feel it is acceptable?” The seventh archangel looked incredulous.
Samael combed his fingers through his long maldor hair. “Perhaps not acceptable, but most assuredly it was necessary.” He stared at his brother and confided, “I shall share a truth with you. I thought the drinking of angelic essence would no longer concern me. Yet when it was happening here, I was sickened as before. I needed to concentrate on happier events in order to shield my senses from its distress.”
A look of relief passed over Seriel’s countenance. “Then it would appear that something remains of the Lord of Light. The first-born of the Source has not completely abandoned his former radiance.” He moved to the large cushion that lay on the floor beside the jasper chair and sat down on it. “Thus, may I conclude there will be no more imbibing of angelic consciousness?”
“Oh, there well may be more occasions when essence drinking will occur. However, I will make certain I am not present when they take place.” A smile that was almost a smirk played about Samael’s mouth as he remarked, “I see you have decided to sit down. Are you enjoying the comfort of Lilith’s cushion?”
Seriel jumped up as though something had struck him. He repeatedly brushed his right hand over the part of his tabard that covered his buttocks and gave his cloak a forceful shake.
“Whatever ails you, brother? You behave as though you could be contaminated by sitting where the lilin has rested. Have you forgotten from whose essence she sprang?”
The Lord of the Seventh Essence kicked the cushion away from his feet and sat back down on the amethyst floor. He stated, “She may have been created from a facet of our sister’s consciousness, but there is no trace of her exquisite nature within that demon. Again I ask you, how can you tolerate her presence in your palace? How can you let her touch you and even lay down with you?”
A stony expression appeared on Samael’s face. “I do whatever brings me pleasure. Malkura refused to come with me to Abbadon, thus, Lilith has become my consort.” With his innate lightning change of mood he leaned across to his brother, slapped him on the back and questioned, “And what of you, dear Seriel? Have you yet found an angel who eases the pain of your unrequited love for the Shekinah?”
Looking annoyed, Seriel replied, “I have often told you that Malkura is the only one I cherish.”
As though addressing an invisible audience in the empty room, Samael declared, “Such a sad tale of secret love. My brother’s deep affection for a sibling who cares naught for him and who is oblivious of his love for her.”
Seriel turned to face Samael and revealed, “Malkura knows of my affection.”
The first archangel glared intently at his brother. “You have been keeping secrets from me. I thought you had chosen to never tell Malkura of your love? When did you abandon that decision?”
“I told her shortly before I came through the portal. Knowing I would probably never see the Shekinah again, I disclosed my feelings to her.”
“And it is obvious that she did not respond in kind. You would have never followed me to Abbadon if our sister had returned your affection. What was Malkura’s answer? Did she tell you that she could not give you her devotion because she loved another sibling?”
“No, she did not express any loving thoughts of you.”
A burning light glinted in Samael’s eyes as he explained, “I was not referring to myself. The sibling in question is Michael.”
“You have previously alluded to our sister’s fondness for Michael. I am certain you are mistaken. The only archangel she has ever loved is you.”
“Once she did, but now she has abandoned that love.” Samael twisted the large, emerald ring back and forth on his finger as his brooding countenance looked into the green clarity of the jewel.
“Not abandoned, but rather, put aside. It was too painful for her to care for you after your actions against Gabriel and me.”
“And how would you know that? Did she disclose her misgivings about me when you told her of your love?”
“Malkura conveyed the need to set aside her love for you on another occasion. When I declared my passion for her she stated that having loved unwisely once, she could not cherish another brother who chooses strife and disruption.”
A silence ensued between the two archangels. Each was lost in thoughts of their absent sister.


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