Review: After the War, Before the Peace by Sharon Poppen

After the War, Before the Peace by Sharon Poppen
Reviewed by Denise Cassino

ISBN13: 978-1-4010-6545-4 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 1-4010-6545-7 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN13: 978-1-4010-6546-1 (Hardback)
ISBN: 1-4010-6546-5 (Hardback)
Pages: 551
Subject: FICTION / Historical
Publisher: Xlibris Corp
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In After the War, Before the Peace, Sharon Poppen has created a cast of rich characters comprised of the Farrrells, a Confederate family still suffering the effects of the Civil War after which Union soldiers destroyed their plantation and raped their mother.
Mentally ravaged by these events, the father and oldest sons seek to avenge their losses, recover their stolen properties and gain reparation in their own way. Against the wishes of their matriarch, Elizabeth, they continue their quest until all of the sons are embroiled in the legacy, their women are left behind to raise families and maintain faith and unity and their youths are ill-spent. On the run as outlaws, they seek refuge across the border in Mexico where they love, live and suffer great human losses.
With the help of a supportive and remorseful Union soldier, they work tirelessly for to convince the U.S. government to grant amnesty to themselves and all those Confederate soldiers who have taken a similar path. Set primarly in the Midwest and Mexico, this book is a vividly drawn adventure, rife with lust, violence and the kind of family love and bond that seems now lost to a time passed.
Poppen has created a story the reader will not soon forget. Her women are tough and her men tougher. Yet they are steeped in the kind of love and loyalty that makes for a great read and a cast of characters one hopes might reappear in another life in another adventure-filled book someday.


  1. Wonderful review, Jo. You've made it sound extraordinary & definitely something I would love to read.



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