Kimberley Payne Interview

Where did you get the idea for your 'Fit for Faith' book series?
I’ve always had an interest in health & fitness, but I seemed to put it in a box like all other things in my life. I had boxes for family, career, faith, finances etc. However, one summer God spoke into my life and said that I needed to include Him in everything I do in my life. So I began by including Him in my everyday fitness. I started my day with a prayer, wrote to Him in a journal and ended my day with a scripture reading from the Bible. This became the beginning of Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual and physical health.

How has overcoming personal struggles helped make you a better writer?
I’ve always struggled with my weight and just writing about it on a daily basis helped me with both my health and my writing!

You have taught workshops in a variety of settings including churches, women's retreats, writers' conferences, and Women Alive conferences. How do you prepare yourself to get the most out of these events?
Prayer is huge for me. I pray about the event from the moment I find out about it. I pray right up to the point when I’m about to speak. Many times I have other people praying for me, the event, and the participants at the event.

Do you ever have problems with writers block?
Every day. Although I can write in my journal daily and I like to blog, I struggle with the chore of writing on a constant basis.

Do you write at set times or as the mood takes you?
It depends on the project. I find shorter pieces easier to get into and usually write them in the mornings.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I like to write a variety of things at any one time. Right now, I am working on an exercise article for writers, a historical fiction piece, a devotional for an online magazine and my novel. On my computer, I have a section called: Book Projects. Every time I get a new idea, I file it under this area. It helps me to stay motivated and excited about new projects without leaving ones that I have yet to finish. This also helps with writers block…when I don’t feel like writing on one piece, I always have a variety of other projects I can tackle.



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