Hi Daddy! reviewed by Eva Marie Osier

by Janet Elaine Smith
coming soon from StarPublish LLC

The last thing on earth Mitzi LeFleur needs is Bob Jones, her ex-husband. She's successful in her career, beautiful, sophisticated, and settled into her own life, the hard work of years during which Bob has done a great job of running from one debacle straight into another. He's left behind a string of failed business schemes, not to mention four ex-wives (Mitzi, plus the three who came after her) and seven children. None of those children belongs to Mitzi, and that's the reason he gave for divorcing her. He wanted a family that Mitzi couldn't provide. So why does he keep his distance from all seven of the children he claimed to want so much? Mitzi wonders that when Bob calls her again after a long silence, and she also wonders what sort of woman he's picked out to become wife #5. Because that's got to be why he's calling her, as he always does when he needs someone to share major news. Or someone to pick up the pieces, after his life comes apart yet again.
Mitzi can hardly believe Bob's news this time, though. He's made a success out of a business venture at last, and he needs her help if he's to hang onto that success. Will agreeing to uproot herself with a coast-to-coast move, and entering into a business partnership with her ex-husband, lead Mitzi to anything more? And what about those seven children and their three mothers? Someone's got to teach Bob Jones how to do the thing he's always wanted to do more than anything else in the world, but has always wound up running away from in terror. Someone's got to teach this man how to be a father. What more unlikely candidate for that job could there be, than Bob's childless and completely un-maternal first wife?
Poignant and yet sparkling with humor, this is without question Janet Elaine Smith's finest work as well as her most recent. It's a simple story, simply told despite what might sound like myriad plot complications, and any reader who picks it up will surely be able to relate. Heartwarming in the best sense of that sadly overworked word!

Review by Eva Marie Osier, retired reading teacher.

Janet Elaine Smith’s latest book "Hi Daddy!" is a winner as always. Subtle humour and bits and pieces of home life are there as well. She does all this in her own unique style of writing, showing love with her own creativeness. Her beloved Ivan’s input is there also.This book touches the reader’s heart and is a real boost to family living. Children need both parents’ support and love.
As Mitzi la Fleur was the first of four wives and became the last as well. Her husband was determined to have children and so he and Mitzi were divorced since she was barren after four years of marriage. Her "ex’, Bob Jones, still valued her advice and financial expertise; so Mitzi agrees to become his office manager, plus benefits she has drawn up. The families Bob acquired after divorcing Mitzi all move to his new location unbeknownst to each other. Thus they settle into new lives with Daddy being available to love and know them for real. As each former wife is different, so are the skills they can use as they are all installed into jobs related to Bob’s new business venture: Four Strikes.


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