http://www.helium.com is a great site to use for people in the writing industry. As well as the articles online there are writing contests and opportunities for writers to get published.

"For Helium visitors

Every day, our diverse community shares on everything from politics to parenting advice, to pop culture, to the environment and more. You’ll find Helium rich with quality content, different points of view and expert insight.

Whether you are doing research or discovering something new, looking for pet care advice or learning how to fly-fish, Helium is your one-stop shop to read what you need.

For writers

Do you know home remedies to cure a cold, how to home-school a child, or the best places to dine in your hometown? Share your expertise! When you write at Helium, you help inform millions, earn money, get recognized and build your portfolio.

For publishers

Are you a print or online publisher? Helium Marketplace is your on-demand publishing solution for custom, quality content to meet your editorial needs. Break free from the traditional freelance mold and get content from a growing pool of thousands of writers. Say good-bye to interviewing candidates, reviewing portfolios and processing 1099s.

Helium Marketplace puts custom content at your fingertips.

For nonprofits

The Helium Partnership program can help raise awareness of your organization. Give your members a platform to lend their voices to issues that you care about. Inspire them to put their knowledge to work by writing about political, social, environmental and global issues. You can build a library of custom content, raise charitable donations, elevate your issues and reach a new audience of millions".

Check the website for more details: http://www.helium.com


  1. Thanks for the post on Helium. We appreciate all the help in getting the word out about our site. One quick note. Last week (November 1, 2008) we announced a new program whereby we pay upfront for all articles submitted as well as providing on-going ad share. The upfront payments apply to our 'starred' writers.

    Mark Ranalli
    CEO, Helium Inc.


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