Wings of an Angel reviewed by Beverly Pechin

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Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection
By Angel Logan

Reviewed by Beverly Pechin for Reader Views

The moment I saw “Wings of an Angel” I knew it was simply a gift, waiting to be given to someone special. The light lavender cover and art work send out a feeling of immediate relaxation. You open the cover to find even more beauty inside. Short,eclectic prose blesses the pages alongside coordinating colored art work that is quite beautiful and creative. It seems as much thought went into the art work of the book as the writing and the two combine together to give you the gift of prose that will simply calm.

I see this book as a perfect gift for events when you're not quite sure what to give. Any spiritual gatherings where perhaps your faith isn't quite the same and you don't feel
comfortable giving something of their faith, yet want to still bless them with something touching. Perhaps the birth of a child, when the parent's need a special gift to let them
know they're special. Mother's day, birthdays, any day that you simply want to tell someone they're special and thought of and need to take the time themselves to enjoy a little peace with the world.

While it is a book of angels and finding oneself, it's not a sappy religious view that overwhelms the reader with issues and provoking thoughts. Instead it has a calming effect, much like a warm lavender filled tub does at the end of a stressful day. One of my favorite poems in the book was "At Paradise Cafe", with it's ending verse that says "Paradise Cafe is the place within your heart where music rings the song of hope..." That particular poem reminds oneself of how important YOU are, as you sit at the Paradise Cafe across from yourself, for a moment to look deep within and make discoveries.

“Wings of an Angel” is a beautiful collection of poetry that gently relaxes one from the inside out and somehow within it's few pages of beauty can bring you to an inner peace
each time you open it. An absolute work of beauty.

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