Review: The slippery art of book reviewing by Mayra Calvani and Anne K Edwards

The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing by Mayra Calvani & Anne K. Edwwards--Book Review
Informational and insightful, The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing is an excellent resource for aspiring, novice, and experienced book reviewers everywhere.

But it is so much more!

Broken down into three parts--The Art of Reviewing, The Influence of Book Reviews, and Resources--this book takes the reader through every aspect of book reviews. From how to write an objective review--positive or negative--to how to start your own book review site; from authors' opinions on how reviews impact sales to how reviews are utilized by libraries, bookstores, and book clubs; from where to get started posting reviews to lists of genre specific review sites, The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing has it all.

Whether you are a reviewer, author or publicist, the information found within this book's 180 pages is destined to improve your knowledge of book reviews and book review sites, and improve your working relationship with other members of the publishing industry.

How? By giving you the tools and the insight into what book reviewing is all about and what reviews mean to the authors and publicists who seek them.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
The Five Keys to Being a Good Reviewer
Reading Critically
The Absolute Dont's (or Signs of an Amateur)
Is There Any Money in It?
How to Start Your Own Book Review Site
Dealing with Review Editors, Authors, Publishers and Publicists

Readers will discover the difference between a review, a book report, a critique, and a press release. They'll find out how facile praise or harsh negativity affects the reputation of a book reviewer and read all about the reviewers versus bloggers controversy.

Filled with sample reviews, The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing can help readers draft stronger, more objective reviews for genre fiction, literary works, and non-fiction, and explores the interesting animal known as the article-review.

The last section of this book includes links and information for sites where aspiring reviewers can begin posting reviews; top print review publications, small print publications, print publications that pay for reviews, and general and genre specific online review sites and publications. The Appendix also includes a sample press release.

As always, Calvani's attention to detail provides the reader with an easy understanding of the topic matter. While this is the first collaboration with Anne K. Edwards that I have read, I will certainly be seeking out more of Edwards' work as a result of the clarity and perfect structure of The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing. Calvani is a multi-genre author, reviewer, and editor and Edwards is a mystery author and editor of Voice in the Dark, a free monthly ezine featuring author interviews, columns, articles, short fiction, and resources for authors and readers.

I would highly recommend The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing to anyone with an interest in book reviews and their impact on the publishing industry.

Title: The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing
Authors: Mayra Calvani and Anne K. Edwards
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-933353-22-7
ISBN-10: 1-933353-22-8
U.S. Price $16.95

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