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NovelMaker’s MISSION

* Help, inspire, encourage, and give exposure to new, undiscovered writing talent, and provide valuable resources

* Discover and showcase new writers for readers and agents looking for new and serious fiction

* Provide a community that gives peer-to-peer criticism and helpful feedback

* Provide writers the ability to self-publish, without gimmicks or expensive “package deals”

Authors can upload to their completed works, or works-in-progress, and receive editorial suggestions, comments, reviews, and ratings. Those reviews and ratings may take new and unpublished writers into a realm never before accessible to them - a large, interactive community participating with them in the creation, and potential commercial success, of new works.

Authors can get instantaneous feedback, cover art, factual information, maps, pictures, and all manner of useful information to advance their literary endeavors to new levels. Readers can participate in an author's creative process, rate and review an author's work, create a user group to discuss the author's work, or buy the author's completed novel - in paper format or one of several e-book reader formats.

Literary agents seek talent, and worthy works of fiction and non-fiction. Until, they have relied on over-the-transom submissions, query letters, and word-of-mouth. But with, literary agents can read new works of fiction online, see the results of ratings and reviews by users on our site, and see whose works may be commercially viable - because our large, online community has voted!

For editors and publishers, the opportunities are limitless. We will post their upcoming titles for free, and give them the opportunity to review new works of fiction, provide comments, and, most importantly, see what will sell based on our community response to new works. What better "testing ground" for an editor looking for the next best-seller?

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