Linda Helms Interview

What made you start writing?
As a challenge from my son, I started writing but soon after, it was evident that it is a passion of mine.

Your latest book, Pieces from the Heart is inspired by a country song which is sung by John Michael Montgomery. Tell us a bit about how this came about.
First, I heard the song on the radio while driving to work. A very emotional song, I couldn't help but to be affected and then the words started pouring out on the blank pages. I listened to the song countless of times while writing Pieces from the Heart.

Do you often find you're inspired by music?
No, while my writing comes from many different inspirations, this was the first time I decided to tackle the challenge of capturing the same intensity throughout the pages of Pieces from the Heart as the song, The Little Girl has.

How did you work on the character development for this book?
In keeping with the song, I still felt a need to intensify the characters on a wider scale to ensure that the storyline will keep the readers on an emotional roller coaster ride as powerful miracles unfold within the pages. This very suspenseful but yet inspirational paperback is certain to leave viewers with a deeper respect for life and all it has to offer.

What other books have you written?
Mercy Crossing, 2006; Faced with life’s road blocks, Kyle must choose between keeping a promise he had made years earlier and returning to the life that he tried hard to escape. Set in New York City, Mercy Crossing takes readers on a journey where friendships are broken, gangs are formed, and lives are changed forever.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing?


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