Lanaia Lee Interview

Where did your inspiration for Of Atlantis come from?
My inspiration came from everywhere - everything I've learned, read, and studied. Throughout my life, we are talking nearly forty years before I started writing the books, I studied ancient history and somehow it all came together. I tried to tell story, from ancient to modern, combining reality and fantasy without too heavy a hand. A work of forty years from my mind!

What’s the most important message in Of Atlantis?
Mainly that man always has and always will face the challenge of good vs. evil. I also think there are many things we can learn from studying ancient civilizations that would help us now and in the future.

If you had to pick a favorite section of the book, what would it be?
The finale of Book One and all of Book Two which take place in the modern day and involve a great deal of historical intrigue along with some lovely romance. The finale of book one is total fantasy yet very real -- even Hitler makes and appearance! I don't think anyone ever says, that couldn't happen. I love taking historical facts and weaving fantasy around them, weaving my magic. Now book two, I consider my baby, my passion. Some of my greatest interests are the Crystal Skulls of Belize and the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy. Book Two --Skulls of Salvation, due out this fall, is based solely on them. Thus my passion put to words on paper.

Have you thought about turning your novel into a screenplay?
Absolutely, my husband and I fantasize about who would direct the movie and would play certain characters. I just hope if it ever does go to film, I have a hand in choosing the characters I visualize in my mind.

If Of Atlantis is transferred to the screen, what actors should play the following characters and why?
Archimedes (as an adult) -- Nicolas Cage, I think he is a great actor, and I think he has what it takes to pull it off, from Archimedes as a young man on up to really ancient and wise.

Cheris -- Jane Seymour. Cheris has a certain air -- regal and graceful. Jane Seymour demonstrates this quality in any role she plays.

Persius -- Richard Gere. I remember Richard Gere's role in First Knight in which he played Lancelot, another defender of the king, passionately in love with the queen. He was loyal to King Arthur, he so tried to fight his feelings. He was great in this role, which sounds very much like my Percius.

Uric -- Arnold Voosloo. He played Imhotep in the movie The Mummy. The whole time I was writing my series, when I wrote about Uric, this is who I visualized in my mind. Uric is conniving, untrustworthy, and an evil liar, just as Imohotep was in The Mummy.

Janus -- Billy Zane. In Titanic, he played his role with that certain air; he was the center of attention and could be a traitor, just like my Janus

Which director would you choose for your film?
James Cameron. Considering all three Terminator movies, the Abyss, and Titanic, my series seems right up his alley -- a lot about life, situations with a touch of fantasy and romance. He brings it all to life on the big screen, no matter how difficult. And it seems everything he touches turns to gold.

Do you have any favorite fantasy films?
Pan's Labyrinth, Troy, and The Kingdom. These films taught me how to write fantasy in terms of not overdoing it and how to add just enough

What writing projects are you working on now?
I am working on the fifth and final book of the series Of Atlantis. I am sad in a way to be wrapping it up, for my characters are just like family to me now. Of Atlantis was written to be fantasy for all ages, giving everyone a chance to escape from this crazy world, which we call reality. If only for a while, a person can step into my world and escape from the rat race in which we live. Of Atlantis is more than just a story, it is the mind of Lanaia Lee. Different things in the series are based on things that have happened to me.

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