Interview with Vivian Zabel of 4RV Publishing

How long has 4RV been in business?
We started planning and putting things together about 3 years ago. However we really didn't have our first book ready and released until January of this year.

What genres do you accept?
We publish most genre, but not gratuitous sex, profanity, or violence, no erotica. Any profanity or violence must be appropriate and not excessive. Romance, love, sexual tension are accepted, but the reader needs to be left outside the bedroom door. Imagination is best.

You accept between 8-12 books a year. How can an author make their submission stand out from the rest?
The best way to stand out from others is to write a really good book that would require little, if any, editing. The submitter should follow submission guidelines exactly.

What are the most common mistakes writers make that lead to being rejected?
1. telling not showing. The reader should be able to "see" what is happening by the words used. 2. not following the guidelines.
3. writing needs proper and thorough editing before it's sent to us.

Where can people find out more about your services?

Our website is, and the services page gives the guidelines.
Anything else you'd like to add? Our motto is working one on one with authors and artists. That's what we do our best to do.


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