Events this month at the South Australian Writers' Centre

The South Australian Writers' Centre (SAWC) is located in Adelaide. They are a non-profit organisation providing resources and support for South Australian writers of all ages.

10am — 1pm Saturday 25 October 2008

Crafting a Short Story

With workshop techniques used in creative writing programs at the university level, you will work on drafts of your short stories. Please note that participants will be required to submit a 2000 word draft of a short story to Rick Hosking by 18 October. Please email to

10am — 1pm Saturday 25 October 2008

Writing A Love Scene

Love may make the world go around but writing a love scene can be quite difficult. It needs to be a blend of sensuality and poetry whilst staying true to the core of your characters. Come along to learn the intimate secrets.

2pm — 5pm Saturday 25 October 2008

Structuring and Plotting Novels for Children

What do children like to read and does plot matter in children’s writing? Problems in plotting will be looked at and the relationship between character and plot will be examined.

You can find out about more events at the SAWC at their website


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