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Dave and Lillian Brummet have been writing professionally since 1999 starting out as free lance writers – which they continue to do today. To date, they have written 3 published books. The Brummets are also the hosts of the Conscious Discussions talk radio show and of the Authors Read radio program. The main focus of their writing, blog, newsletter and radio programs is to inspire hope in individuals, helping them realize the value of their efforts and encouraging them to become more positive, proactive in life. Brummet's website:

Conscious Discussions is an hour-long talk radio show that celebrates individuals from all over the globe who are working to make the planet a better place. Conscious Discussions is not about pointing fingers, its about saluting people that are stepping up and doing the right things in life. The International audience enjoys guests from all over the globe including Africa, Australia, England, France, Ireland, US and Canada. Conscious Discussions airs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays every week. Location:

The Authors Read radio program offers authors, storytellers and poets a chance to read from their published work for 10-12 minutes. There is nothing like hearing a story told the way the writer intended it to be read… straight from the writer's lips is even better!

What Gave you the idea for the radio show?
It is really just as if a path was opened up before me and I followed. You see, I do an awful lot of marketing for our 3 books & our drum business - as such I encountered several hosts who suggested I start my own show and were full of complements about my skills. While flattered, I really didn't have the confidence to host a radio program. I had several radio stations approach me to host a show with them, but then Blogtalk Radio station just kept popping up in all kinds of ways and so I looked into that option and found that it was just what I needed. So I started with Conscious Discussions in May 2007 as a bi-weekly show - and that quickly evolved into airing a new show twice a week. Listener feedback then had us including one more segment a week, just for gardening issues. Now, I chose that title - Conscious Discussions - because that is just what all our work entails; living consciously, proactively. Our guests range from authors, businesses, organizations and individuals who use their skills to influence positive change, support various important causes or participate in community involvement. We have had guests from around the globe appear on the show from West Africa, France, the UK, the US and Canada. Many of our guests have had enormous impact starting by being just one person seeing a need for change and deciding to become proactive. Some guests are individuals living a conscious lifestyle; who volunteer, support causes or run publications that encourages positive change. You'll notice that I keep saying "our", the behind the scenes man that you rarely hear on the show is my husband, Dave. He does the graphics and is responsible for the intro & outro for each segment and also for our main website.
The Authors Read radio program evolved out of both my work as a book reviewer and as a host for Conscious Discussions. I wanted to further support literacy by introducing samples of authors work, read in their own voice as a means to stimulate a love of literacy in our listeners.

Tell us a bit about the show's schedule.
Authors Read typically airs between 8-10 AM (Pacific) on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Conscious Discussions airs at 10 AM (Pacific) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and occasional Sundays (when Sunday Gardening segments air).

Do you think the 'Authors Read' section helps writers to market and sell their books?
Certainly. Of course this depends too on the author, their promotion of the segment. Each segment (for both Conscious Discussions and Authors Read) has links to the author's books on Amazon & we share their website address several times during each show. I always encourage guests to use their segment in anyway that they choose. For instance, they can download the broadcast via the main website. Many former guests use their link for promotional activities on their websites or newsletters, others simply wish to have it for memory's sake. In fact, anyone may use the interview, should they want to increase the content on their website; i.e. a recycling organization would find an interview that discusses recycling pertinent and useful for the enjoyment of visitors to their website. Listeners tell me that they also download segments they are interested in to their ipods or to CD, etc - to listen to while doing their exercise routine, walking, commuting to work or traveling.
On my end of things, each radio show segment is: announced on my blog, , included in the opt-in monthly announcement we send out to just over 300 of our listeners, announced on my favorite writer's forum (50,000 members) and promoted through our Book Tour site at:
The archived segments for both of our radio programs are convenient for people to access at their leisure, 24 hours / 7 days a week through the site. Visitors simply scroll through to find the show they want to hear. To find a list of all the archives, look to the lower right of the Authors Reads home page. Also - you are welcome to copy the link to your segment and use for promotion purposes, to add to your website or download and keep for memories sake. Guests and listeners are welcome to link to any show they find of interest.

How can writers get involved in the show?
Anyone wishing to apply to be a guest on the show need only visit, view the FAQ section for the radio they'd like to appear on and send us an application.

Anything else you'd like to add?
There is no fee for guests or listeners, each segment is archived and available for anyone in the world to listen to at their convenience. The International audience enjoys guests from all over the globe including Africa, Australia, England, France, Ireland, US and Canada. Anyone across this planet that has an internet connection can access our radio programs.


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