Book Marketing from A - Z reviewed by Heather Froeschl

Book Marketing from A - Z by Francine Silverman
Publisher: Infinity publishing

Any author who even hopes to make it in the publishing world today is going to have to market their wares. It doesn't matter if you self-publish, go subsidy, POD or with a traditional house, you are going to have to sell your book. The writing is the easiest part; getting people to buy your book is where the real work begins. There are many guides to help you in this endeavor but "Book Marketing from A-Z" is one of the most comprehensive books I have found.

More than 300 authors share what has and hasn't worked for them. Aside from having a top-notch agent to help you, getting the skinny from been-there-done-that authors is the next best thing. Silverman addresses nearly every topic you could imagine when it comes to marketing books. From A û Advertising to Z û Zero Promotion and everything in between, you will hear the down and dirty on book tours, getting into brick and mortar stores, postcards and bookmarks, newsletters, webpages, radio spots and so much more.

Authors willingly share their horror stories and their successes. Learn from their mistakes and progress. If you don't come away from this book with some new ideas for promoting your work then you need to reread it. You will likely do so anyway as Silverman's book will become a trusted guide to keep in your resource library. This easy to navigate, hard to put down book will undoubtedly help thousands of authors to create a bigger and better plan for themselves.

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  1. wow, this looks good. Over 300 case studies? There has got to be some information in there that I can use. Thanks, I'll pick up a copy asap.


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