What you can find on this site...

  • Links to sites for writers
  • Link to dictionaries, thesaurus, idioms, etc...
  • Writer competitions
  • Tips and advice from people in the industry (e.g. writers, publishers, editors, etc...)
  • Upcoming events
  • Book reviews
  • Writing prompts
  • Information about me (creator and manager of Writers and Authors) :)

If you have any suggestions for other elements that would help make Writers and Authors the number one stop for people in the writing industry please leave a comment and I'll do my best to include it.

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New format coming soon!

Relaunch of Writers and Authors.

Writers and Author is having a restyle! The new format will be as follows:

Mondays: Opportunities for writers
Tuesdays: Featured Authors
Wednesdays: Publishers, editors, etc...
Thursdays: Book reviews
Fridays: Upcoming events

To relaunch this site in it's new format I'm organising a virtual tour starting from October 1st 2008. Anyone who is interested in hosting me for an interview or featuring the Writers and Authors website on theirs, please send me an email to the new address writersandauthors@yahoo.it with virtual tour in the subject line.

For those of you interested in being interviewed for the 'Featured Author' section please send me an email (writersandauthors@yahoo.it) giving some details about yourself and your writing. Please also include your website address.
The same applies for publishers, editors, etc...

As you can see, I also want to include a section with book reviews. You are welcome to review any type of book (e.g. self help for writers or a fiction or poetry book). In fact I'll be all the happier to have a good mix. If your new to writing reviews and want some pointers check out http://library.queensu.ca/research/guide/book-reviews/how-write for some tips. Please send your review in the body of the email to writersandauthors@yahoo.it with 'Book Review' in the subject line.

I will post a copy of the Virtual Tour calendar soon so you can keep track of the events.

Happy writing!
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