Interview with Denise Turney from Off the Shelf Radio

How long have you been doing internet radio?
5 years

What made you start?
I emailed station directors/owners to schedule an interview to promote one of my books. When I emailed, the station owner asked me if I'd like to have my own show and that was that! God is beyond words awesomely good!

Tell us a little about your show and how to tune in
Off the Shelf is a global literary radio program. We feature writers, poets, television and motion picture producers, etc. Our focus is destiny fulfillment, global community, education and literary entertainment. Writers, readers and radio lovers can tune into Off The Shelf from 10-11 (New York City time) Monday - Friday. Our show airs at various times throughout the weekend at on the Rainbow Soul Channel. See you there!

What advice would you give to people who want to be interviewed?
Believe in yourself and your God given talents. Confidence and appreciation for the wonderful creative gifts that we all possess shines-shines-shines through! Be yourself. Be engaging and have fun! An added tip to writers: radio is an excellent way to promote your name and your titles. Take courage and contact radio stations directly to land and secure interviews both on and offline and watch your readership grow! I believe in you!

What advice would you give to others who want to host a show?
Create a format for your show that speaks to the interest of your audience. Radio, whether on or offline, tends to have a broad audience. Anyone who finds the station, can tune in. Recognize the scope of your influence and use it with love and wisdom. Focus on your guests. Let them and their work shine while you hosts your shows. Put your guests at ease while you keep your audience in mind and ask the questions that hold the answers they want and will benefit from hearing. Have fun!


  1. I was interviewed by Denise for 'Off the Shelf' and totally enjoyed the experience. It was like chatting to a friend and the hour just flew by.
    I recommend her show to anyone wanting to be interviewed for internet radio and also for those who want to know more about the writing industry.


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