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o Tomorrow’s guest speaker in the chatroom at is Arlene Evans who will be discussing her various books and CVD. The chat starts at 6 p.m. CET (that’s 12 noon EST) and lasts for 1 hour. Everyone is welcome to drop by and join in the chat. The more the merrier!

o Found this while browsing around ....
Twilight Fantasies Publications is a full-service, royalty paying ePublishing company. We are currently accepting submissions in anticipation of our May 2, 2007 scheduled opening date. At this time, we do accept simultaneous submissions; however, we do require you inform us if your work is being considered elsewhere.Twilight Fantasies specializes in romance, including erotic romance, in all genres. We do not publish erotica (without romantic elements) at this time. While we do publish erotic romance, we are actively seeking stories that are plot-driven. If a sex scene does not further the plot, it should be left out.We do consider previously published romance whose rights have been reverted back to the author.We prefer third person point of view, but will consider stories written in first person, as long as the story is engaging. We currently respond to queries within two weeks, to manuscripts within six weeks. Html

o Preparations are underway for the next PROMO DAY! Event which will take place on Saturday 23rd June 2007. There are several new features this time round which will make the event even bigger and better than before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for free publicity, networking with people in the industry, collecting reviews for your books and much more… Visit for more information.

o I'm planning a virtual tour between 5th and 12th May this year and am looking for people to post interviews to their blogs/websites, host me for a LIVE chat or radio show. Obviously I'm available for TV appearances too but they would have to be filmed in Rome :)
If anyone is interested in supporting me in my virtual tour please send me an email to to discuss details. Thank you for your help.I will of course be happy to repay the favour and host you for a chat at my website http://jolinsdell. or post an interview with you here at http://writersandauthors.blogspot. com


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