Linda Helms Interview

Tell us a little about yourself
I was born and raised in small town in Virginia where I have remained all my life. Except for the occasional trip or two, there is very little I have seen outside of my sleepy town. I am a single mother of two children. I have a never-ending love for writing. This love story takes me on a journey where I can transform my thoughts and reshape them. It is in those moments I am truly free from the everyday ups and downs that life throws my way. Each time I sat down to write I somehow manage to find a little more of myself somewhere buried between the lines.
When did you decide to become a writer?
I became a writer on a dare. My son, Mikhail had dared me to write a story. As time went on, the story had turned into a book. It wasn’t long after when I realized that writing had become a passion of mine.

What was your first published work?
My first published work is Mercy Crossing. My second book “Pieces from the Heart” hopefully will be on bookshelves at the end of the year if deadlines permit.

What is your dream as a writer?
My dream is to see my books portrayed on the big screen.

What advice can you offer writers just breaking into a serious writing career?
I would tell them to set their goals high in life and settle for nothing less. A middle school teacher signed my autograph book with those words years ago. Those same words I recite to my daughter, Tiffany who plays varsity basketball.

Anything else you want our readers to know?
When reading Mercy Crossing, it is my hope that the words will reach the hearts of everyone and leave one message embedded in everybody's minds: Don’t let anger consume you so much as to find yourself asking for forgiveness.

Where can Mercy Crossing be found?
Mercy Crossing can be found on most online booksellers websites such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon or at your local bookstore. People can visit my website at for more information about Mercy Crossing book.


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