Lea Appreciation Day!

Lea Schizas is a person who has helped me enormously in my writing career and together with others that she has helped (there are lots of us) we decided to show our thanks by organising a Lea Appreciation Day.

Lea was born in Montreal , Canada and has been writing for years. She seriously start up again in 2000, when she picked up her first Writer's Digest magazine in a very long time. Within three months she had written her first screenplay, and the below accomplishments are just some of the many endeavors she found herself in.

Lea's Accomplishments:

~Author of the YA Fantasy Novel, The Rock of Realm,
Top Ten Winner in Book Art Work in P&E 2005 Polls

~Author of the Paranormal/Thriller, Doorman's Creek, soon to be released by eTreasures Publishing in both ebook and print formats.

~Co-author and Editor of the nonfiction writer's reference book, The Muse On Writing, published by Double Dragon Publishing.

~Co-author and Editor of the Fantasy, Aleatory's Junction, published by Double Dragon Publishing.

~Editor in Chief and co-founder of Apollo's Lyre, (Preditors and Editors award-winning Zine and one of Writer's Digest 101 Best Writing Sites of 2005 & 2006)
First Place Winner in the P&E 2005 Voting Polls for Poetry Zine

~Founder of The MuseItUp Club (Writer's Digest 101 Best Writing Sites of 2005 & 2006 and Preditors and Editors Most Useful Site Award recipient)

~Founder of The Muse Marquee

~Founder of The Muse Book Reviews

~Founder of The Muse Online Writers Conference

~Copy Editor for Double Dragon Publishing

~Reviewer for AllBooksReview

~Co-Founder of Coffee Cramp eZine

~Instructor at The Long Story Short School of Writing
Lea will be teaching two courses: Writing Children's Fiction and Writing Fiction Express

~Regular columnist for Mike's Writing Newsletter

Lea is a friendly and helpful person, who despite having all her own projects to work on, always finds time to help other writers and people in the writing industry.
Thank you Lea for all your support, help and advice!

For more information about Lea, please visit her website http://leaschizaseditor.tripod.com/


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