I've recently updated the Weissmann Guide to Rome published by NorthStar Travel Media and have just finished translating some legal contracts for a company here in Rome. I'm also busy organising things for PROMO DAY! which will take place on Saturday 23rd June 2007 (see for full details) and preparing for my virtual tour which will take place between 5th and 12th May 2007 (see the mediaroom at for full details- I'm also still looking for more stops to add to my tour so if any of you have a website or blog and would be interested in hosting my, I'd love to hear from you :))

Well this is a summary of my recent assignments and projects. What are you? Do you have anything to brag about? Have you been working on a big assignment? won an award? organising an event for writers? If so this is your chance to brag and let us all know the details.

Don't be shy, leave a bragging comment


  1. Okay, my latest brag has to do with my new jewelry making book that's finally out this spring called Making Designer Mixed Media and Memory Jewelry. Available at

  2. Ok I am so excited to have something to brag about. My first f/f erotica e-book was released this past weekend with Silk's Vault Publishing.

    It's titled Switching Sides. You can check out the reviews, the blurb and an excerpt at my website.

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