Chatroom events

Michelle Morris will be the guest speaker at in the chatroom on Saturday 24th March at 6 p.m. CET

Michelle is 17 years old and the author of 'Poetry with meaning'. Michelle writes a lot about subjects that effect every day people on a daily basis such as; abuse, war, homelessness, abortions, murder, love, and all the things you see and hear about in the news - the reason? "At first, it was because these things moved me in so many ways - now - I know so many can relate to so much of it. My writing is ALL real".

Michelle lives in Wales (UK) and as well as her obvious love of writing she enjoys dancing. Her dream is to open a pole dancing studio, to teach it and to promote the dance as a fitness and sports programme and to ween off the idea that it is so unacceptable and to be frowned upon.

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